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What Exercises Are Good For Postpartum?

During pregnancy, the female pelvic floor undergoes many changes and pressures to which she is not accustomed. Therefore it is advisable to strengthen this area of ​​the woman’s body to reduce alterations.

In addition to exercising during pregnancy, it is also important to do it during postpartum to strengthen the muscles again after the great effort they have made and return to their normal state.

To readjust the pelvic floor and abdominal girdle, the most recommended exercises by a physiotherapist in Dwarka during this stage are the hypopressive abdominals. Those women who have performed specific exercises during pregnancy will have a much more adequate recovery, even though the pelvic floor must not be neglected and therefore it is advisable to continue exercising during the postpartum period. We must not forget that this type of exercise is contraindicated during the pregnancy stage.

hypopressive exercise

The Hipopresiva abdominal gymnastics, unlike traditional crunches, is more effective and helps strengthen the entire abdominal area without forgetting the pelvic floor. By performing this type of abdominals, it is possible to reduce the consequences that pregnancy has caused in the woman’s genitourinary tract and also the toning of the abdominal girdle.

These exercises will help the recent mother to avoid certain discomforts resulting from pregnancy and accelerate her recovery time so she can return to her usual life. The main objective is to recover the functions that this whole area developed before pregnancy.

The hypopressive technique also has other benefits not related to the pelvic floor, such as improving back problems, sports performance, among others. They are some exercises with some difficulty, and to carry them out in the correct way and to achieve the desired benefits it is recommended that they are practiced with professionals skilled in this type of technique.