Physiotherapy vs Osteopathy – What Helps?

Osteo vs Physio

Physiotherapy vs Osteopathy – What Helps? Osteopathy is not osteoporosis. “Osteon” is the Greek word for tissue and “pathos” suffering. There are some similarities between osteopathy and physiotherapy, but also many differences. Osteopathy and physiotherapy: some similarities and yet so different. We explain how osteopaths work, what makes good physiotherapists in Delhi and how our patients benefit. This … Continue reading Physiotherapy vs Osteopathy – What Helps?

The Importance of Physiotherapy in Patients With Diabetes

physiotherapy in diabetes

Each year, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes increases significantly, and the process of monitoring patients requires the involvement of a complex team, made up of a nutritionist and diabetes specialist, psychologist, orthopedist, optometrist and physiotherapist in Dwarka, to ensure a quality of life as high as possible. When the symptoms of diabetes are … Continue reading The Importance of Physiotherapy in Patients With Diabetes

Pains That Can Be Relieved With The Help Of Physiotherapy

role of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is part of allopathic medicine, with positive and noninvasive effects on many conditions. In the case of acute, painful episodes, the role of physiotherapy in Dwarka is to decrease the pain level by specific means such as electrotherapy, manual therapy, postures or massage. Moreover, physiotherapy is one of the best and most effective methods of … Continue reading Pains That Can Be Relieved With The Help Of Physiotherapy

Treatment of Lordosis

Treatment of Lordosis

Lordosis is deviations of the spine from the sagittal (anteroposterior) plane, having the convexity of the anteriorly oriented curvature. The patient with lordosis presents for consultation, mainly for pain in the lower lumbar region or the thoracolumbar region. Another important symptom is the deformity of the lumbar region, associated with the prominence of the abdomen. The … Continue reading Treatment of Lordosis

Techniques Used in physiotherapy

physiotherapy in Dwarka

Who is the physiotherapist? On many occasions the physiotherapist in Dwarka is identified with that person who is dedicated to giving massages to treat muscle ailments and injuries; However, physiotherapy is a profession, as stated by the WHO, covers a set of therapeutic techniques that go beyond massage therapy and muscle treatment. Physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary profession that can … Continue reading Techniques Used in physiotherapy

Benefits of Physiotherapy

physiotherapy in Dwarka

What is physiotherapy? The definition of physiotherapy was established as the discipline was consolidated and professionalized. In 1958 the World Health Organization defined it as the science of treatment through physical means, therapeutic exercise, massage therapy, and electrotherapy. In addition, physiotherapy includes the application of electrical and manual tests to determine the value of muscle involvement and strength, tests to determine … Continue reading Benefits of Physiotherapy

What Exercises Are Good For Postpartum?

hypopressive workouts

During pregnancy, the female pelvic floor undergoes many changes and pressures to which she is not accustomed. Therefore it is advisable to strengthen this area of ​​the woman’s body to reduce alterations. In addition to exercising during pregnancy, it is also important to do it during postpartum to strengthen the muscles again after the great effort they have made and return to their … Continue reading What Exercises Are Good For Postpartum?

Symptoms And Treatment of Muscle Tear

muscle tear

One of the muscle lesions that are most present in a physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka is muscle tearing or fibrillation. It is an injury that is not especially serious as long as it is treated properly and the advice of the physiotherapist in Dwarka is respected. Next, let’s see what it is about, the types … Continue reading Symptoms And Treatment of Muscle Tear

Lesions of Muscle Physiotherapy

We want to dedicate this article to explain how muscular physiotherapy works. It is not about any particular branch but how physiotherapy treats muscle injuries. In today’s society, muscle injury is very present, so it has a great interest. What is muscle physiotherapy? Muscle physiotherapy in Dwarka takes care of all muscle problems and injuries, one of the … Continue reading Lesions of Muscle Physiotherapy

Backache in the Office

backache in office

Physical inactivity at work is often cited as one of the main causes of back pain. However, the cause of our pain is not always what we believe and it may be that the sitting position is not the cause of all our worries. Dr. Gholam Sarwar, a physiotherapist in Dwarka, suggests that you find … Continue reading Backache in the Office

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