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Diabetic Neuropathy: Frequently Asked Questions

What is diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetic Neuropathy is an alteration at the nervous level produced by high levels of glycemia. This alteration modifies the sensitivity and motor function of the muscles.

What is diabetic foot?

The diabetic foot is one in which the motor, sensory and morphological function is modified. In which the blood supply is decreased and one of the contributors to the diabetic foot is neuropathy.

Explain to me why I feel so much pain?

The glycemia in the blood or known as “sugar” reaches every corner of our body. When there is an excess of glycemia the nerves begin to fail, this damages the membrane that covers our nerves known as the myelin sheath, therefore the nervous stimulus arrives intermittently. This modality produces a failure in the functioning of the muscular system, in the sensitive area and in the blood supply. All of these changes cause pain, stiffness, swelling, and numbness.

I do not consume sugar and still have diabetic foot and neuropathy, why?

Nerves are injured with excess glycemia, these take time to recover, could take up to months. Although the patient has stopped consuming sugar and other foods that generate sugars within our body, the nerves will continue to be affected until they are recovered and therefore the patient will continue with the symptoms of numbness, swelling, swelling, among others.

Why don’t my wounds heal quickly when I hurt my foot?

When a patient is deficient in the regulation of blood glucose levels, many things are altered, including the speed of wound healing. For this reason, people must take great care when they suffer from an injury because it can easily become infected and even lead to an amputation.

Can I be cured?

Diabetic Neuropathy can be almost completely cured. Symptoms dramatically decrease and quality of life improves, as long as the patient takes into account the different medical disciplines in their treatment.

How soon can I recover?

It all depends on how advanced your neuropathy is and how long you have been with it. If an ideal treatment is done, then your recovery will be successful and you can reach a maximum recovery percentage.

What care should I have with the diabetic foot / diabetic neuropathy?

It is recommended not to wear tight socks to facilitate venous return, not to walk in very tight shoes and to take care not to cause any skin injury.

What diet should I follow?

As a suggestion, the patient should consult a nutritionist and be very orderly. Control in the food area is an adjunct to the rehabilitation process.

What will I achieve with therapies?

Physiotherapy in Dwarka will reduce pain, increase blood flow, improve tone and muscle mass and therefore the activities you can do will increase.

Where can I treat Diabetic Neuropathy in Guayaquil?

At Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka we specialize in the treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy. Our techniques focus not only on reducing the symptoms of pain or discomfort, but also at the root of the problem, which is why our patients achieve an excellent recovery.