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Back Pain: Take Care of Your Back According to the Seasons

For a large part of the population, each season brings its share of tasks to maintain, including, his house and his land.

Even though these physical activities seem commonplace, they can cause various muscle problems and cause back pain that could affect the performance of daily tasks.

Back pain according to the seasons: what are the risks of injury?

According to physiotherapist in Dwarka there are likely, during the year, times when the back is more solicited.

Take, for example, the winter period, when the appearance of patches of ice and snow coincides with an increase in injuries. In the fall, it is rather the collection of leaves that puts the muscles of the back to the test. During the spring and summer, activities associated with yard preparation, such as gardening or do-it-yourself, can involve adverse movements to the spine. 

The most common causes of injury are:

  • inadequate sitting postures;
  • the lifting of objects in full flexion;
  • repetitive efforts;
  • physical efforts poorly executed.

Taking care of your back: simple actions to prevent injuries

As trivial as they may seem, your physical efforts deserve special attention. Remember these tips:

Exercise preparation: simple actions to prevent back injuries

  • Give yourself a long time. Divide the work over a few days or even weeks.
  • Split the effort and diversify your tasks: work in small sections to combine several short works.
  • Take several breaks during and between jobs.
  • Do not overestimate your body. Avoid heavy loads and sudden movements.
  • Use the right tools with sleeves long enough not to work bent.
  • Flex your hips and knees and take supports when necessary.

Physical activity in general and healthy lifestyle habits help a lot to prevent injuries. Physiotherapy can also help prevent them by teaching ergonomic strategies for posture and proper lifting of loads.

How does the physiotherapist treat back injuries?

Even if you are extremely cautious and work properly, there is always the risk of injury. Thus, the physiotherapist’s main role in the event of a back injury is:

  • to decrease inflammation;
  • to shorten the period of incapacity;
  • improve muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance;
  • reduce the risk of reoffending;
  • perform muscle reprogramming by teaching proper movement patterns and ergonomics.

The physiotherapist in Janakpuri will offer, among other things, a series of dynamic exercises to change the way muscles coordinate in this area of ​​the body. He will accompany the patient in this process while teaching him the importance of his own collaboration to maintain the gains achieved in treatment.