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Physiotherapy Treatment To Deal With An Annoying Torticollis

The most effective physiotherapy treatments to deal with an annoying torticollis

Torticollis or cervicalgia is a painful symptom that can have a variable intensity and that, as explained by the physiotherapist in Dwarka, affects the cervical spine, the area of the spine that supports the weight of our head. It always does it in an unstable way, in “equilibrium,” insecurity that is resolved with the help of good head positioning and with the strength of the muscles that shape the neck, mainly the sternocleidomastoid and those located in the posterior area.

There are different types of torticollis, from the most common and “harmless”, which can be caused by a bad movement or an inadequate posture, especially when sleeping, to that which can be a manifestation of a rheumatic disease or a consequence of a bone problem (cervical vertebrae) or even neurological.

This is the reason that justifies that, before recurring or permanent torticollis, consultation with the physiotherapy doctor in Dwarka is a basic measure of prevention and healthcare.

How temporary torticollis is treated?

From a slight discomfort to a pain that radiates to the back and shoulders, preventing almost any movement of the head, the severity of the symptoms of cervicalgia varies but, in any case, the general rest, the taking of analgesics or Some muscle relaxant, by medical indication, are measures that provide relief.

In addition, when the origin is a bad movement or an inadequate posture, physiotherapy shows its effectiveness when it comes to fighting pain, favoring mobility and eliminating possible accumulated tension or mild contracture.

It will be the physiotherapist in Janakpuri who designates the most appropriate technique in each case. In general, the application of heat in the area (thermotherapy) is beneficial in the relief of torticollis. Experts point out that it is common to resort to combined therapies. For example, ultrasound can help on those occasions when inflammation is seen in the area and osteopathy techniques are effective when the origin of the condition is in a blockage of the cervical.

On the other hand, manual massages, not only in the neck area but also in the upper back area, electrotherapy and exercises that stretch and mobilize the neck muscles are also part of the treatments that are applied to ensure that the torticollis is remitting, although according to its level of severity, the positive effects of physiotherapy can take several weeks to be noticed clearly.