cupping therapy for hair
April 19, 2019
cupping therapy for hair

Cupping treatment for hair loss (Hijama for hair loss)

Cupping treatment for hair loss (Hijama for hair loss)

Friends today we are going to discuss a treatment method for hair loss which has been being used from ancient times for several ailments and it’s an ancient Greek treatment which has been practiced since centuries.

It’s called Hijama and it’s a very successful treatment method for several types of disorders. In the present time, this treatment method is called Cupping therapy in which an airtight cup is used for treatment.

Normally we see that when a person is sick and being treated he is supplied blood but in Hijama therapy we remove blood to treat the patient.

By Hijama therapy we can treat many disorders like Migraine, Back pain, Joint pain, Slip disc, etc. Apart from this Hijama therapy we can also treat hair loss and help the regrowth or lost hair. This is a method in which you can see the results in a very short time.

In Hijama therapy we do not require any medicine. Most people are still not aware of this century-old treatment method. Now in many parts of the world, Greek medicine training is being provided and most of the doctors practicing it find it a very effective treatment.

Even the Indian government and Ayush ministry have started new research in Hijama therapy to make it available to common people in India.

If we notice, most of the diseases are caused by bad or dirty blood. In Hijama therapy we remove this bad blood from the body to heal the body.

Hijama therapy is one of the most successful therapy to treat hair loss and it’s a very easy and affordable treatment option. It doesn’t cost a lot like Hair transplant which is still a very costly treatment method and has its own risks.

cupping therapy for hair loss cupping therapy for hair loss

To perform Hijama therapy, first, the patient has to shave the hair. And if the patient is already bald or has little hair left he doesn’t need to cut the hair. But patients who have hair but facing regular hair loss needs to shave his head.

Shaving is required because the airtight cups need to stick to the scalp. This cup is made of very hard plastic or Glass which is attached to an airgun which is pulled to stick it to the scalp.

The cups are placed on those places where you have lost hair. In Cupping therapy maximum 5 cups are attached to head at a time.

After attaching the cups for the first time they are taken off after a while. You can notice the marks of the cups on the scalp. After removing the cups the therapist will make small cuts on the scalp where the cups were placed. After that, the cups are attached again and made airtight.

Now the therapist will leave the cups in place for several minutes. You can see blood accumulating in the cups. You don’t need to worry about the blood as this is just the dirty or bad blood which is being pulled out. The main reason for hair Loss is DHT and it also destroys hair follicles.

By cupping therapy we get rid of the bad blood along with DHT and it controls the amount of DHT in blood. One the DHT has been controlled hair follicles start to regrow and you can notice new hairs as well as it stops hair loss.

Cupping therapy acts to trigger the hair follicles by stimulating the blood flow of the scalp. It delivers good nutrition for hair roots, increases the movement of the sweat glands and opens the pores of the skin. Cupping therapy not only removes the bad blood from the skin but also removes harmful elements absorbed underneath the surface of the skin. It stimulates, therefore, the process of hair growth.

If you are suffering from hair loss or if you are already bald then you must try this therapy.