Sports physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy, which is aimed at all people who practice sports regularly, whether it is a base sport, amateur, health, elite or high performance.

Sports physiotherapy in Dwarka, Delhi consists of doing preventive work and another of recovering injuries.

What is preventive work?

It consists of improving and working the muscular condition of the athlete, avoiding the loads and correcting the bad sports gesture. We will work the muscles with sports massage to tone up as the athlete is at that moment. It is not the same treatment when the athlete is going to do the activity, that when the athlete has finished the sports activity, the maneuvers are completely different, the effects that we seek are also, the two therapies are necessary helps us to optimize the good muscular and structural condition of the athlete.

With good preventive work, we could avoid many injuries.

The benefits we get from preventive work are multiple, mainly we avoid the risk of injury, improve sports performance, the musculature will be at its highest level, it will increase its elasticity, its adaptation to the effort will be better and of course it will improve its mood and psychological as has already been shown in different studies.

Recovery of injuries

It begins with a diagnosis in a medical center that provides traumatology services, from here a multidisciplinary work begins, counting on a traumatologist, nutritionist, physical trainer, sports psychologist, cardiologist, different specialists to optimize the work of the athlete in the activity physical. Through physical agents such as kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, functional bandages, neuromuscular bandage, dry needling, among others.

Rehabilitation of the injury

There will be a good planning of the training sessions, joint stability exercises, good proprioception work, stretching, strengthening. We also set guidelines for behavior to the athlete, which must continue to facilitate recovery. Our goal is to recover the injury in less time possible with all its functionality. We have to readjust the athlete to training. You cannot start from 0 to 100, the return to the activity will be progressive, first, adapt the athlete to training, then readjust to the effort and finally the sporting gesture.

The athlete must respect the recovery times, must team up with the therapists and collaborate at all times.

What injuries are treated in sports physiotherapy?

There are many injuries that are treated in sports physiotherapy, we list the most common:

  1. Tendinitis/tendinosis (rotator cuff, patellar, Achilles, etc.)
  2. Meniscopathies, chondromalacia patellar …
  3. Ankle sprains, lateral ligaments of the knee, crossed, wrist sprain, among others.
  4. Muscle injuries, fiber breakage, contractures, trigger points, etc.
  5. Osteopathy of the pubis.

Sports physiotherapy is aimed at prevention, if we do good prevention we will not have to rehabilitate any injury since the athlete will be at the maximum of their faculties.