Pediatric physical therapy, also known as Physical Therapy for Children, aims to treat disorders, recover movements, neurological treatments, respiratory problems or even recover orthopaedic injuries, with focus and overall expertise in infants and children.

pediatric physiotherapy

How does our Pediatric Physical Therapy Work?
Our work consists of a treatment that requires a high degree of specialization, a lot of didactics and psychology, as well as excellent treatment and care by a pediatric physiotherapy doctor in Dwarka, Delhi. The earlier the treatment is performed, the better the results and thus lessening any lasting changes. We seek to give full attention to the patient by doing what is possible and in the best way to assist in what is needed. We care for excellence in treatment and guarantee the total comfort and safety of our patients.

The Physiotherapy Centre in Dwarka, Delhi offers pediatric physiotherapy care to newborns with fully qualified professionals with wide experience, as they are patients who need special care and greater attention in the treatment.

Our Professionals
We have a team that every year undergoes updates within the specifications required for pediatric physiotherapy in Dwarka, Delhi, which guarantees us a high degree of quality in care.

Always looking for a humanized and personalized service. All our physiotherapist in Dwarka, Delhi is qualified and guarantee the best quality in caretaking the comfort and safety of the expected results. We work with the equipment and materials suitable for attending to each speciality.

The Objective of Home Physiotherapy
Home Physiotherapy pediatric treatment has done in the comfort of the residence in which patients are more fragile and therefore should be treated differently. Home treatment is precisely to bring comfort in the care so that it is performed in a family environment where there are no difficulties for those responsible, much less for the patient.