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How physiotherapy can improve your sex life

How physiotherapy can improve your sex life

There are several studies that support that physiotherapy can improve sexual problems or dysfunction, the latter concept referring to alterations in sexual activity, such as desire, arousal or orgasm.

If you have been a mother, run or do impact sports, checking your pelvic floor by an expert physiotherapist is a must, as it may be one of the causes that your satisfaction in sexual relations has decreased. As explained by physiotherapist in Dwarka, “having a pelvic floor with good tone and strength is very beneficial when it comes to reaching orgasm; the better the contraction of the muscles, the greater the pleasure”.

But the pelvic floor thing is not just a women thing, your guy also has muscles down there, if he lacks tone, his erectile dysfunction can also be affected.


As explained by the best sexologist in Delhi, the term sexual dysfunction refers to disorders in sexual activity at any stage (desire, arousal and orgasm). Among men, it is reflected in erection and ejaculation problems (most of the time), while dyspauremia (pain during sexual intercourse), vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles that makes penetration difficult) and anorgasmia (difficulty or inability to reach orgasm) are the most common sexual problems among women.

As physiotherapist says, due to ignorance above all, the people who resort to physiotherapy to improve their sexual life are still few.


Dr Sarwar explains how physiotherapy can help both women and men improve their sexual relations:

Women. The objectives of physiotherapy in the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions consist of familiarizing the patient with her pelvic floor, decontracting the perineal area, increasing the tone and proprioception of the perineal muscles, improving posture and blood circulation, mobility in the pelvic perineal region, desensitize painful areas, etc. Another important fact is to make women aware of the importance of hypopressives and Kegel exercises, which maintain the proper functioning of the pelvic floor while increasing pleasure in sexual relations.

Men. As with women, the physiotherapy treatments that are best suited to men suffering from sexual dysfunction are those focused on the pelvic floor. Urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction are the two most common sexual disorders among men. Urinary incontinence is usually due to a weakness in the pelvic floor, and this weakness can lead to relationship problems leading to erectile dysfunction.


“The techniques that are most used are physiotherapy, manually and/or rectally (touch), and biofeedback, which is a feedback device that measures the electrical activity of the muscle and helps to know if the pelvic floor muscles are contracting well or not. ”, explains physiotherapist in Dwarka.

“There is also electrostimulation, that is, the use of devices that, through electrical impulses, cause contractions in the muscles, in addition to manual treatments based on stretching and exercises scheduled for the patient to do at home, such as hypopressives and Kegel exercises. Radiofrequency, from physiotherapy, could also be included in the techniques”, he clarifies.

In which cases should surgery be used? “Normally surgery is used when there are symptoms that cannot be worked on when they do not improve and there is a neurological origin or a prolapse (when something is off the hook)”, says the best physiotherapist in Delhi.

Our advice? Get an assessment of your pelvic floor as soon as possible if you don’t want to have to try all these techniques.